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Professional Moving Services – We arrive on move day with all of the equipment and know-how needed to tackle your move, and make it a success.

Happ Movers - Glenview Moving Specialists - Residential Moving Services

Residential Moving

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Commercial Moving

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In-Home Moving

Packing Services – Maybe you need everything packed, or just a few items. Either way, our packing crews are trained to pack efficiently and with the utmost care for your belongings.

Free Estimates – Whether you prefer to meet with an estimator in person or discuss your move on the phone, we provide an accurate estimate for your move at no charge.

Free Box Delivery – We have all of the boxes, tape, and packing material you will need to prepare for your move, and we’ll deliver to you for free! Be sure to get enough boxes. You can return any unused materials for full credit.

Problem Solving – If your move involves a difficult passageway, unusual furniture, special packaging, or hoisting, our experienced crews have seen it all. Let our experience work for you!

No Minimum – While the other guys are charging a minimum fee, you’ll never see this at Happ Movers. Your total is based on actual time, with no minimum charges.

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