Moving Tips

5 Easy Steps To Plan Your Move!

  1. Call our office at 847-724-3353. Our attentive advisors will listen to your needs and direct you toward the services that can help you.
  2. Arrange an estimate. An estimator can come to your home for a free appraisal.
  3. Choose a date. Some days are more popular than others for moving. Don’t let your date get away!
  4. Let us know of any special circumstances for your move.
  5. If you plan to pack your items into boxes yourself, it’s never too early to start.
Happ Movers - Glenview Moving Specialists - 5 Easy Steps For Planning Your Move
Happ Movers - Glenview Moving Specialists - Tips For Moving Day

Tips For Moving Day

When the movers arrive, show them the items you would like to have moved. They will get to work moving everything carefully and efficiently. We will be going in and out of the door, so be sure to corral your pets during the move!

At your new home, the movers will ask you to direct them to which room each item should go. If you have marked your boxes with their destination, it will save time and hassle for you. Once the trucks have been emptied, the movers will walk through with you to make sure your items are arranged the way you would like. We want to know that you’re happy with your move!

Packing Tips

In order to have the most efficient move possible, it is important to pack properly. Most people have only moved a handful of times in their lives so we have compiled this guide to help you prepare for your move. These guidelines should help to answer many of your packing questions.

Happ Movers - Glenview Moving Specialists - Packing Tips